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2015-06-26 Studio Report #2 - Vocals recordings - guest appearance

2014-12-24 Merry Christmas and a successful year 2015

2014-04-13 New interview

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Studio Report #2 - Vocals recordings - guest appearance
     Hi guys. This time just a short studio report from vocal recordings. We visited the Rabito recordings studio in our home town Brno to record additional vocal parts for the new album. We would like to announce that the mezzo-soprano Jana Hrochová (Wallingerová) from National Theatre in Brno has recorded her part of the duet with Olaf for the title composition "King Of Persia" of the new album. And I have to say that it sounds great! We are very happy to have her beautifull voice on the album and hope that you fans will enjoy it too;-)


Jana Hrochová

Merry Christmas and a successful year 2015
     Greetings to all our fans! As the end of the year approaches, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successful year 2015.

   Many of you asked about the new album, so we would really like to let you know about what's been going on recently. Some of you may know, that Olaf had problems with his voice and we weren't able to record all the vocal tracks. Unfortunately, this caused another delay when it comes to the release date of the new album. Recording process did not cease completely, though. Meanwhile, Herbie has been recording his parts. There is also one other guest planned to be featured on the new album.

    Anyhow, there is one little Christmas present we have prepared for you. We would like to announce that the new album cover was painted by none other than Andreas Marschall (Hammerfall, Blind Guardian, Kreator, Stratovarius, Running Wild a others). Thematically, it is connected to the opening and the longest track of the album called "King Of Persia". We are convinced, that he did an outstanding job again ;-)

    Enjoy your holidays. Next year, we'll be here again with more news!

New interview
     New interview with Libor you can find on METAL FOREVER & METAL MAN Web Zine.


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Date: 10.11.2015
Neboj, nerozpadla, jen prý mají v plánu splnit desetiletku, tedy jedno album za deset let :-D
Author: Jiří
Date: 30.10.2015
Kapela se asi rozpadla, když je tu tak mrtvo, škoda ...
Author: Jan
Date: 14.10.2015
Kurňa, tady je přenovinkováno jako vždycky :-D .
Author: Laďa
Date: 07.10.2015
Halooo, Symphonity, žijete ještě vůbec?
Author: Karel
Date: 08.09.2015
Tak koukám, že nejenom tady, ale i na bandzone kapely jsou fanoušci "nadšení" přísunem informací a "rychlostí" vydávání alb, ale je pravda, že mít v kapele světového zpěváka a nekoncertovat a vydávat jednu desku za cca 10 let je více než slabota.
Author: Martina
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