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2016-05-03 SYMPHONITY will release the "King of Persia" album in September!

2016-02-29 Studio Report #4 - Mix and mastering of the new album - done!

2015-12-15 Studio Report #3 - Vocals recordings - done!

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SYMPHONITY will release the "King of Persia" album in September!
King of Persia cover artwork

A brand new album of Czech/German/Slovak metallers SYMPHONITY entitled "King of Persia" will be released via Limb Music on September 23. It contains ten songs including a nine-minute long title track. Here is a complete track list:

01. King of Persia
02. The Choice
03. In the Name of God
04. Flying
05. A Farewell That Wasn't Meant to Be
06. Children of the Light
07. Siren Call
08. Live to Tell the Tale
09. Unwelcome
10. Out of this World

Album line-up:

Olaf Hayer (DIONYSUS, LUCA TURILLI) - lead vocals
Herbie Langhans (SINBREED, AVANTASIA) - lead vocals
Libor Křivák - guitars
Ivo Hofmann - keyboards
Ronnie König (SIGNUM REGIS) - bass
Martin „Marthus“ Škaroupka (CRADLE OF FILTH, MASTERPLAN) - drums

      A mezzo-soprano Jana Hrochová from National Theatre Brno appears as a special guest. The album was produced by Libor Křivák, mixed by Sascha Paeth (AVANTASIA, EDGUY, RHAPSODY, KAMELOT, ANGRA, etc.) and mastered by Miro (AVANTASIA, RHAPSODY, KAMELOT, EPICA, etc.).

      The cover artwork was done by Andreas Marschall (BLIND GUARDIAN, KREATOR, RUNNING WILD, HAMMERFALL, etc.).

From left: Ivo Hofmann - Keyboards, Herbie Langhans - Lead vocals, Ronnie König - Bass, Olaf Hayer - Lead vocals, Libor Křivák - Guitars, Martin Škaroupka - Drums

Studio Report #4 - Mix and mastering of the new album - done!
     Hey guys. It's time to bring you some news, this time from Wolfsburg. We are proud to announce that Sascha Paeth finished mixing our new album and Miro finished the mastering as well. We can confirm that it sounds amazing! Thanks guys! Next news will follow in a very close future. Stay tuned!

Studio Report #3 - Vocals recordings - done!
     Hi there. Before Xmas we have a good news for you. All the vocals recordings are finally done! So let's go on with a mix! You will find 9 vocal songs and one instrumental stuff on the tracklist...

Latest Posts in Guestbook:
Date: 12.05.2016
Finally a release date :-), what a pity that so late :-(. By the way, the cover is very nice and I am looking forward to the cd very much!
Author: Daniel
Date: 29.03.2016
Alright great to hear that! Do you already have a Label for the release? Looking very much Forward! br
Author: Alex
Date: 27.03.2016
Díky za zprávy, kluci a teď už opravdu chybí jen to datum vydání neboli sem s ním :-)))
Author: Tibor
Date: 24.02.2016
No release date yet but it is already being mixed and mastered so hopefully very soon ;-)
Author: Dan
Date: 14.02.2016
Hi there, just wanted to mention that I am a big fan of your last Album and of everything Olaf has ever released. I have been wondering if he is still active. Just stumbled across your HP and have seen that a new Album is on the way? Is this true? When is the Release date? All the best Greetings from Austria
Author: Alex
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