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2015-06-26 Studio Report #2 - Vocals recordings - guest appearance

2014-12-24 Merry Christmas and a successful year 2015

2014-04-13 New interview

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2014-04-13 METAL FOREVER & METAL MAN Web Zine

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Studio Report #2 - Vocals recordings - guest appearance
     Hi guys. This time just a short studio report from vocal recordings. We visited the Rabito recordings studio in our home town Brno to record additional vocal parts for the new album. We would like to announce that the mezzo-soprano Jana Hrochová (Wallingerová) from National Theatre in Brno has recorded her part of the duet with Olaf for the title composition "King Of Persia" of the new album. And I have to say that it sounds great! We are very happy to have her beautifull voice on the album and hope that you fans will enjoy it too;-)


Jana Hrochová

Merry Christmas and a successful year 2015
     Greetings to all our fans! As the end of the year approaches, we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a successful year 2015.

   Many of you asked about the new album, so we would really like to let you know about what's been going on recently. Some of you may know, that Olaf had problems with his voice and we weren't able to record all the vocal tracks. Unfortunately, this caused another delay when it comes to the release date of the new album. Recording process did not cease completely, though. Meanwhile, Herbie has been recording his parts. There is also one other guest planned to be featured on the new album.

    Anyhow, there is one little Christmas present we have prepared for you. We would like to announce that the new album cover was painted by none other than Andreas Marschall (Hammerfall, Blind Guardian, Kreator, Stratovarius, Running Wild a others). Thematically, it is connected to the opening and the longest track of the album called "King Of Persia". We are convinced, that he did an outstanding job again ;-)

    Enjoy your holidays. Next year, we'll be here again with more news!

New interview
     New interview with Libor you can find on METAL FOREVER & METAL MAN Web Zine.

New drummer and progress of the works on new album
     Finally, we have some long awaited news for you, folks! First of all, we have a drummer in our ranks again. Symphonity has a new member, young and talented Radim Večeřa!

From left to right: Radim (drums), Libor (guitar) a Ronnie (bass). Picture taken by Ivoš ;-)

   There are also some important news about the making of our new album. Almost all bass and guitar parts have already been done. The attention is now focused on keyboards. At the same time, Olaf is working of his vocal parts. Some lyrics still need to be written. The album title and cover have not been chosen yet. All in all, you may expect new album to be released in the second half of this year!

Happy New Year 2014
     SYMPHONITY wish to all fans Happy New Year 2014. Thanks for support!

Studio Report #1 - Drum recordings for the new Symphonity album at the Gate Studio in Wolfsburg 2013!

New album in the works!
          Hello to all Symphonity fans! While many of you recently asked about what the band was up to, how did it look like with the new album, it is clear now, that it’s about time to bring some news for you.

     Most of the new songs are completed, some lyrics need to be written, though. Nothing hinders us from starting recording intrumental tracks. We’ll start with the drums in summer, probably in august. Many of you may ask who is going to record them on the new album. *a moment of silence* Yes, just as on our first Symphonity album "Voice from the Silence", the one responsible for the drums will be Martin "Marthus" Škaroupka (Cradle Of Filth). Be prepared for a solid thunder then! ;-) Anyhow, we have been looking for a drummer who would join our ranks and play the gigs. Soon we will be rehearsing with one promising so let’s see what the future will bring.

Martin "Marthus" Škaroupka is going to be behind the drums for the studio recordings again.

     Many of you asked about vacant place after the late Tomáš Čelechovský, our bass player. We turned to Ronnie König, old friend of ours, the bass player known from the bands Signum Regis and Vindex, who now lives in Austria. Ronnie has meanwhile settled in Symphonity and works on the bass guitars parts.

Ronnie König, our new bass player.

     When it comes to describing the new tracks, they are a bit heavier and faster this time. Expect some more contrasts on the new record, though. It looks like the successor of the "Voice from the Silence" will be more diverse. The opening track, nearly ten minute long, is surely one of our most extended compositions and its vibe reminds of a movie. It will be followed by a classic power speed tune. As I have mentioned before, a ballad won’t be missing this time. All fans of strong melodies won’t be disappointed.

Libor and Ivo in Hannover.

     Finally, I would like to thank to all of you, who have still been supporting Symphonity. Thank you very much for being with us! As things moved on already, we believe that news will come much more frequently in the future ;-)


Symphonity bass player Tomáš Čelechovský lost his battle with pancreas cancer in the evening of Wednesday, June 27th 2012
          It has been almost a year since the last news entry on our website. Many of you asked for any news about the band, new record and it´s my duty to share these news finally with you. While writing you last summer about some difficulties we had to deal with, nothing I knew of what was going to happen this year. In 2010 Olaf´s wife Petra was diagnosed with stomach cancer and soon passed away. This was the reason why Herbie stepped in to fill for Olaf and we didn´t have to cancell the show in Zlin. It seemed for a while that things would go back to normal when a twist of fate came again.

     Even though it´s not an easy task, with sorrowful heart, I would like to let you all know that our band-mate and bass player of SYMPHONITY, Tomáš Čelechovský, lost his battle with pancreas cancer in the evening of Wednesday, June 27th 2012. He fought hard to his very last breath but this uphill battle could not be won.

     I met Tom around 2004 when he joined NEMESIS. It was shortly after our debut album was released and Tom filled then-vacant position of a bass player. It was our former singer Vilda Majtner who knew him from the past and who introduced him to us. Ever since he became one of my closest friends. I would like to commemorate Tom with something a little bit more personal, a few pictures that show his time with us.

This picture comes from the NEMESIS era. It was 2004 and we were enjoying our stay in Spain after the gig in Bilbao. From the left: Ivo, Vilda, Tomas, Libor and Tom.

After the show we played in Pardubice in the summer 2005. From the left: Martin, Libor and Tom.

The first SYMPHONITY photo session. From the left: Tom, Ivo, Olaf and Libor

After a rehearsal in our favourite restaurant in Pustiměř. From the left: Ivo, Mathias, Olaf, Libor and Tom.

;-) Libor, Tom a Ivo

Tom and Elena at our cottage party.

Tom in public transport. Well, even metal stars have to utilize it sometimes ;-)

Tom warming up for the gig in Kurim.

This year skiing in Čenkovice where we surprised everyone with our great skills ;-)

After the show on the summer part of Masters of Rock in Vizovice. From the left: Tom, Olaf, Martin and Libor.

SYMPHONITY on Winter Masters Of Rock.

Even many of his friends probably do not know that Tomas was married. Tom and Elena tied the knot on 23rd of March 2012 in Ivančice. He has already been battling the hard illness he had.

     Tom. While personaly I don´t believe in heaven, instead of wishing you a lovely time up there, I would like to thank you for your friendship, all that we shared together and I am happy that I could be a part, even it was such a short one, of your life...


Work in progress
     Hi there, this is Libor speaking. I'm on vacation in a very small village right now. I'm sitting in the garden, having some beer and the weather is horrible - the planet is warming, right? ;-) ...Anyway, I think it was a long time ago when we brought some news to you. So, now it has come the right time to share some informations with you regarding the future of Symphonity.

     First of all I wanna say thank you to all of you, the fans all around the world, especially to everyone who have been sending us messages and emails full of kind words of support. We appreciate this very much. Moreover, I wanna thank to Czech fans for the great support during our live appearances on the biggest Czech festivals Masters of Rock last year in summer and winter too.

     Probably the most important information for you is that we are still alive:-) The truth is that some private problems during the last years slowed down us a bit, but this is the life, I think. I hope everything is going to get better now. We work on new songs at the moment. I have already finished composing some songs. There are fast songs but also a classic ballad. It will be the second real ballad in the band's history - since the "Rain" on the "Goddess Of Revenge" album from the Nemesis era.

     Further, there are not big changes in the lineup, however we are still not clear about a new drummer. As you probably know, we played the mentioned MoR festivals again with Martin on drums, but he is very busy because of his CoF engagement, so we are still looking for a stable drummer. Next month we will try one young Czech guy, so we will see. We extend also the cooperation with Herbie - he is going to reinforce our vocal section. Well, there is still a lot of work before we will be ready to enter the studio, but I hope our story ain't over and we will see you on tour for the next album!

By the way, here are a few photos from the working process:
This is my work place in my almost empty apartment;-)

Working on a new material very hard;-)

Spark Magazine

Inside the January 2011 Issue of Spark you can find review of the Winters Masters of Rock 2010 festival including our performance. Click on the cover for the pdf version.

Merry Christmas
     Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 to all our fans!

Drummer wanted!
     We are looking for a new stable drummer. Do you have necessary skills? And are you interested in playing with us in a studio and live? In this case please contact us on this e-mail address: info@symphonity.com.

Salvation Dance (Live at Winter Masters Of Rock 2010)

Anyplace,Anywhere,Anytime (Live at Winter Masters Of Rock 2010)

The line-up for the WMOR show
     For the upcoming Winter Masters Of Rock show, the line up will be slightly changed. Due to serious familly reasons, Olaf will not come to Zlin. Anyway, behind the microphone you will see Herbie Langhans (Seventh Avenue, Sinbreed), the man you can hear on our cover version of the Nena's hit "Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime", and who performed as a vocalist on some of our previous shows. We believe he will be a respectable replacement.

Interview in the Rock & Metal World Magazine

In the last issue of Rock & Metal World Magazine you can find interview with Libor, Ivo and Olaf.

Winter Masters Of Rock 2010

Symphonity was confirmed for Winter Masters Of Rock festival in Zlin. As the promoter said this year will be the the strongest one in the whole history of the festival.

Give Me Your Helping Hand (Live at Masters Of Rock 2010)

New pictures from Masters Of Rock Festival and RockFest Kurim
     New pictures from Masters Of Rock festival and RockFest Kurim in the Gallery section.

Rock & Metal World

Masters Of Rock 2010

Symphonity will perform at Masters Of Rock Festival in Vizovice. Saturday 17.7.2010 22:00 – 22:45 Coca-cola Stage

Give Me Your Helping Hand (Live at Rockfest Kurim 2010)

Rockfest Kurim
     On Rockfest Kurim Symphonity will be performing with Martin "Marthus" Skaroupka (Cradle Of Filth) on the drums and Herbie Langhans (Seventh Avenue) on backing vocals. This event is planned to start at 6:45PM.

Rockfest Kuřim 2010

Marry Xmas
     Merry Xmas and happy New Year 2010 to all fans.


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Date: 29.06.2015
Děkujeme za infošku, škoda jen, že jste místo "pouhé" fotky nedali radši video jak jim to s Olafem ladí, to by bylo zajímavější :P
Author: Robert
Date: 29.06.2015
Díky za zprávičky, konečně něco nového ze studia, na tu paní jsme zvědaví, snad to nebude Olafovi moc kazit jako třeba Somerville Kiskemu ;-) . Ale jestli bude dobrá jako např. Sharon Del Adel (nejen) v Tolkkiově hitu Are You the One, pak by to mohla být pecka, necháme se překvapit a těšíme se na další nové informace :-) .
Author: Pepan
Date: 21.06.2015
Čtvrt roku od poslední zprávy a pořád žádná informace, kluci asi mají dovolenou, anebo se s náma nebaví :-D .
Author: Lucka
Date: 06.06.2015
Since Christmas, which means half a year, no news, what´s up?!
Author: James
Date: 05.06.2015
Co je nového, Libore???
Author: Jirka
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