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Marco Polo Live In Europe



Audio CD (Disk 1):

1. Crimson Silk (Live in San Donà di Piave)
2. The Choice (Live in San Donà di Piave)
3. The Plague (Live in Warsaw)
4. In the Name of God (Live in San Donà di Piave)
5. The Silence (Live in Leipzig)
6. Evening Star (Live in Warsaw)
7. Dreaming of Home (Live in Warsaw)
8. I Found My Way Back Home (Live in Lublin)
9. Bring Us The Light (Live in Vienna)
10. Flying (Live in San Donà di Piave)
11. Give Me Your Helping Hand (Live in Milan)
12. Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime (Live in Hamburg)
13. Venezia Finale (Outro - Live in Hamburg)

Total CD playing time: 68:27

Video DVD (Disk 2):

1. Crimson Silk (Live in Zlín)
2. Tour Documentary Part 1
3. The Plague (Live in Zlín)
4. Tour Documentary Part 2
5. In The Name Of God (Live in Zlín)
6. Tour Documentary Part 3
7. Evening Star (Live in Zlín)
8. Tour Documentary Part 4
9. Dreaming Of Home (Live in Zlín)
10. Tour Documentary Part 5
11. I Found My Way Back Home (Live in Zlín)
12. Tour Documentary Part 6
13. Give Me Your Helping Hand (Live in Zlín)
14. Tour Documentary Part 7
15. Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime (Live in Zlín)
16. Venezia Finale (Live in Zlín)

Total DVD playing time: 52:46

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